How Can This Program Help Me?

Anyone wanting to embrace a healthier lifestyle but is feeling overwhelmed or doesn’t know where to start.
Anyone seeking to lower the level of pain and/or inflammation in their body.
Anyone seeking to increase their energy and vitality.
Anyone seeking to improve the quality of their sleep.
Anyone who is suffering from a chronic condition and who is seeking a natural approach to healing.

How Do You Determine What Is the Right Program for Me?

Your program is customized to fit your specific needs, according to the results of your initial “Intake Session” and your own personal goals. Individualized сoaching always yields better results than the “сookie сutter” approach to health and dietary wellness.

How Does This Coaching Stuff Work?

After we identify your specific goals and needs, you and I will become what is known in the coaching industry as “collaborative partners.” MY ROLE, as your coach and partner is to provide support, encouragement, accountability and education as to viable options to address your challenges. YOUR ROLE, as the client is to honor your commitments and execute the steps of the plan we set in place for you.

How Does This Coaching Stuff Work?

Results are directly proportional to your commitment to making the adjustments and changes that YOU decide you should make. Every change you make will produce a positive result. In the beginning, the changes may be subtle. The more in-tune you are to your body, the faster you can feel it changing. After a few weeks, you will begin to feel obvious changes in your energy, your emotional well-being, pain levels, sugar cravings, etc. I always tell my friends and clients that for every positive thing they do for themselves, their body will say “thank you.”