Drug Free Pain Relief, Part 3

Hello Everyone,

I hope all is well with you and you’re feeling a bit better by now. As promised, I’’m going to talk to you about some topical solutions to pain and inflammation today.

Anybody ever use Castor Oil on your body parts that hurt?  If not, I encourage you to try it. For those of you that don’t know that much about it, here’s a little info for you. Castor Oil has been used to heal all types of health issues for centuries. In biblical times it was called “Palma de Christi”, the Palm of Christ. I’’m sure that name had everything to do with the fact that it is such a powerful healing agent. There are many successful uses for it, ranging from killing internal parasites to healing warts and cysts and everything in between. Today we’re going to focus on the anti-inflammatory– pain relief properties.

I have been using Castor Oil on my neck and back for a while now.  Several years ago, I was in three car accidents within a year and a half.  Those accidents have probably taught me more about natural pain relief than massage school. Whenever those areas act up, I slather some Castor Oil on my hands and massage it into my neck, shoulders, low back and hips before I go to bed.  The next day …I feel better! When I use it for several nights in a row, it takes the inflammation away. NOTE: Castor Oil will stain most materials. Use old bed sheets, towels and clothes that you don’t mind soiling. Baking Soda has been known to get it out of some materials but don’t count on it.

Another great application is to soak a flannel cloth with the oil and wrap it around arthritic painful joints, like knees or wrists or ankles.  Then wrap plastic wrap around the cloth to keep it warm and keep it from dripping. Sleep this way and you’ll feel so much better in the morning. It reduces both pain and swelling. If you don’t want to sleep with it, put a heating pad around the “pack” and just relax for an hour or two. Those of you with Plantar Fasciitis, try massaging some warm Castor Oil into your feet and just putting some warm socks over them.  You should get almost instant relief! If you have Arthritic, painful hands, massage it into your hands and sleep with light cotton gloves.  Even if it does not completely take away the pain, I would be surprised if you did not get some measurable relief, especially when you use it consistently.

Bonus Tip

Using a little drop on each eyelid before bed has been known to relax the whole body and help people sleep. I’’ve tried it…it works! Be sure you put in ON the eyelid and not in the eye. I know these bonus tips are around sleeping right now and the reason for this is that the body NEEDS good sound sleep in order to heal especially when there is a pain issue. The muscles, MUST be able to truly relax and rebuild.

When you buy Castor Oil, be sure to get the cold pressed, Hexane free.  There are so many uses for this wonderful healing oil and you will certainly hear more about it in future posts, but for now, just start with putting it on the places that hurt in your body.

Bonus Tip

Okay y’all, this will probably gross out some people but others will love me for this tip! If you have hemorrhoids that are acting up, take one square of bathroom tissue paper and fold it twice (into a perfect square) add a couple drops of Castor Oil to it, fold it one more time so that it is about 1” by 2” then take the strip and tuck it between your fanny cheeks. Place it right on top of the swollen hemorrhoid, pull up your pants and get on with your day! It will be blessed relief! It will also help to shrink them as it cools the flames! When you go to the bathroom, the paper will fall into the toilet. Keep reapplying until those nasty “rhoids” are under control.


You can buy a pretty big bottle Castor Oil for $10.00 or less. There are so many applications that there is not enough space on my blog for them. I will eventually post an ebook on it’s many uses but for now, let me just give you one more reason why I love this stuff…. It’s clean. Clean means that it is not full of harmful chemicals! So much of the stuff we’re putting on our bodies in the name of health and beauty is toxic!!! We will definitely talk more about this soon! But the three things I want to leave you with before I go is that this stuff works on soooo many things, it’s cheap, and it is non toxic! Wow!!! It just doesn’’t get any better than that!

Oops…, I’’m all out of time for now! In my next post I’’ll write about a couple of other topical remedies for pain and inflammation, but for now, go get some Castor Oil and put it everywhere you hurt!

Yours In Health,


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