Please note that I use a Blendtec Blender for my smoothies and soups. It is a 3 Horsepower blender and very powerful. It breaks down the fruits and veggies to a liquid form, making them extremely easy to assimilate by your body. The Vitamix is another high powered blender that would be an option for you. For anyone looking to supercharge their health with fast and easy raw foods, a 3 HP blender is an absolute MUST for your kitchen!

Very Berry Smoothie
Reason to Drink: 1. Blueberries – one of the highest anti-oxidant fruits – very helpful in quenching inflammation and free radicals 2. Black Cherry Concentrate – breaks up uric acid crystals and balances PH (helpful for arthritic pain – especially gout) 3. Cod Liver Oil is an Omega 3 fatty acid, (see Anti-Inflammatory page) 4. Coconut Oil is excellent food for your thyroid (low thyroid function is a problem for a lot of people with chronic pain) 5. Romaine Lettuce – pulls excess water from your tissues and helps your PH to become more alkaline


1 person

1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries
1 tbs Black Cherry Concentrate organic
1 tbs Dr. Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil or
1 tbs organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
1 sprig cilantro
1 handful organic romaine lettuce
10 oz filtered water
1 tbs raw local honey or organic maple syrup* Stevia is the only non caloric sweetener I recommend.

Servings: 1 person

Recipe Notes
*Try to use as little sweetener as possible – you want it to taste good but try to cut back on your sugar consumption every chance you get. Sugar feeds inflammation. The sweeteners above are less likely to make you hurt but they can still be used too much.

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