Hello all,

This is the final installment on the series on Pain Relief. I want to move on to some ‘timely’ posts, like strengthening your immune system for the winter and natural ways to address other seasonal challenges like Raynaud’s Syndrome, SAD, etc. Let me know if you have any challenges that you would like some help with and I’ll try to write about them.

Okay, back to pain relief. One of the most amazingly helpful tools I have found for easing and managing pain are magnets. I actually had a profound personal experience with them that I’ll share with you. Years ago I had an injury to my neck that was so severe that whenever I would go to sleep, I would wake up with my hands feeling like they were on fire! I mean, it literally felt like someone had doused them with gasoline and struck a match! The pain seemed to be mostly in the palms of my hands but my fingers were also included, mostly in the thumb and first two fingers. This helped me pinpoint the origin of the pain. Once I would get up and move my neck around, the burning would subside. This happened night after night. I would try all kinds of pillows, positions, etc. I even tried sleeping sitting up! Nothing! I would wake up and cry because I knew that if I did not sleep, I would not heal and if I could not heal, my career was over. I mean, how can a Massage Therapist effectively work if her hands are numb and burning? The word ‘stressed’ doesn’t even begin to cover what I was experiencing.  Then one day I had a visit  by an angel-the human kind! I will love her forever for the help she gave me! She talked to me about magnets, rolled my back with a magnetic roller and wrapped my neck in them.  She also left a magnetic mattress pad and pillow for me to sleep on, with a special comforter. I knew nothing about this stuff but I was willing to try ANYTHING! That night I slept for 8 solid hours and did not wake up once!!! When did finally wake, nothing hurt! I grabbed the clock by bed and stared at it. I really couldn’t believe what had just occurred! It felt like magic! It wasn’t magic, but it truly was an answer to my prayers and I had been praying a lot, believe me! The complete healing took a little time but since I could now sleep, I was okay with that.

I started researching magnets like crazy, wanting to find out how they work. There are different theories that I won’t go into, but I do know that they increase circulation, which always helps the healing process.  The blood is the carrier for oxygen and nutrients to all tissues in your body. They also aid in detoxing the body, another very important factor in the healing process; and somehow, for a lot of people, they block the pain signal. I have used them with great success in my practice, but I was surprised to find how differently people respond to them.  Some get almost instant results, like me. Others, it takes a couple weeks, and still some people have to use them quite a bit longer. For the people with Fibromyalgia or MS, I would recommend easing into using them.  Most of you have quite a few more toxins in your body than the average person and getting rid of them can be unpleasant even though it helps you to get a healthier place, with less pain. For more info on detoxing, you can go to my website www.bodyrenewalbasics.com.

For people who are interested in learning more about magnets or purchasing them, I recommend that you contact Peter Gibson at 770-317-1009. His email address is ipa.gibson@gmail.com. He has been involved with Nikken for over 18 years and has excellent grasp of their product line.

Peter’s website is www.nikken.com but I strongly suggest that you call him first. He is more interested in finding the most suitable product to fit your needs versus the most expensive. My experience is that he has a high level of integrity, knowledge and customer support. I used to know Nikken’s entire product line and made recommendations for my clients, I now bow to his knowledge and expertise.

One more note about the Nikken products. The initial purchase might feel a little ‘less frugal’ than some of my other recommendations, but here’s the benefit. I am still using the magnets I purchased over 10 years ago and they still work beautifully! No batteries. No expiration dates. Best purchase EVER!!!

Okay, I have given you quite a few things to think about and try when it comes to pain relief without drugs.  Some may work for you, some not so much.  If you were my client and we were coaching, I would give you three recommendations:

  1. Start with at least 2 recommendations and follow my advice to the letter! No skimping. No sorta kinda, gonna try.
  2. Keep a journal. You need to know what works for future reference!  You also need to know what is not working. Rate on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst pain) how you are before you start. Continue to rate the pain each day so you can track your progress. Give yourself 2 -4 weeks with each technique that you try. Be patient! If you’ve been in a pain cycle for a long time, it may take a while to break it.
  3. Keep going til you find your answers. Try everything we’ve talked about and also know that this blog is only the tip of the iceberg as to what is available to solve your problem naturally. Soooo, roll up your sleeves and get started!

We can talk more about this at a later date but for a lot of you, I just gave you some definitive answers, so go for it! Take control of your body and pain levels! These tools can be a HUGE help, you just gotta put in the time. For those of you that feel they need additional help right now, you can come to my office or I can do coaching over the phone. There are always answers. ALWAYS.

Okay, next week we start our Fall/Winter Series that I mentioned earlier. For now, GET HEALTHY –  STAY HEALTHY. That little cheer was for me. I’m just getting over a cold first one in years. Needless to say, I did not follow my own advice DUH! But we’ll talk about that next week.

Yours In Health,