So many of us ache and hurt for no apparent reason – maybe we’re just getting old…OR NOT!

When I hear a 30 year old say this a it shocks me! Have you ever heard the term “garbage in – garbage out”? That computer term is a perfect description of what happens in our bodies. Translated…if you eat garbage, you’re gonna feel like garbage. Unfortunately a lot of our readily available food choices are garbage! Full of sugar, white flour, unhealthy fats and chemicals…yuk!

The more fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables we eat on a daily basis the better we feel, our body becomes stronger, our hair grows faster. They’re referred to as “anti-inflammatory foods” and “living foods”. These living foods bring “life” and energy to your body. They also detox your body so that there are less things in your system that can harm you, drain your energy and make you hurt. Another benefit certain fruits and vegetables is that they bring your body into a more alkaline state. Generally speaking, the more alkaline foods you consume in the form of fruits and vegetables the less you will be prone to hurt or to create a chronic disease.

Now let’s talk about health education… Some people’s idea of making a healthy choice is Diet Coke versus Regular Coke…yikes! No wonder you hurt! Please know that I’m not making fun of you. I feel your pain, I truly do. MY GOAL IS TO EMPOWER YOU TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE EVER! I used to drink Diet Cokes daily – even while I was studying all forms of nutrition. It was a HUGE battle to walk away from it, but the more I learned and the more I hurt, I finally made the connection…with a little help from a friend!

When you truly begin to understand the connection between how you’re feeling and what you’re putting into your body…
When you begin making more wholesome choices (and yes, they actually taste good)…
SOMETHING MAGICAL will begin to happen to your mind and body!
You will begin to FEEL GOOD and THINK MORE POSITIVELY! Your energy will soar! Your confidence and feelings about your life, your body and your future will begin to change!

Food is so powerful! It affects our bodies AND our minds! The Body Renewal Program teaches you to be mindful of your food choices. It teaches you how to connect with and recognize the positive and negative effects that certain foods have upon how you feel, both mentally and physically. Week after week, as you develop this new awareness, you will begin to see patterns in your energy, pain levels and general well-being that are connected to specific foods.

Through the coaching process you will develop a customized eating plan that will maximize your immune system, minimize inflammation levels and supercharge your energy! This is called “purposeful eating”. Some of the foods that you will want to include in your daily diet are foods that multi-task for you. Meaning that they perform a variety of functions. Some examples of this are high quality fish oils like Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil or Krill Oil. They calm inflammation in the body, sharpen your brain, help you burn fat and lubricate your joints. Can I just say that it doesn’t get much better than that! That’s a lot of bang for the buck!

We will discuss more “multi-tasking foods” in your complementary coaching session.