All I want for Christmas is More Energy!

The holiday season is officially in full swing and I don’t know about you, but this year’s festivities have me sucking wind! Just about every person I know, from friends to clients are exhausted and/or sick!   Going out-of-town for Thanksgiving and throwing my annual tree trimming party the following weekend, left me so drained that I had to take naps between client appointments last week. Fortunately, I did not get sick because I did what my body asked me to do…REST. I also cut back on my coffee intake and pulled out the organic apple cider vinegar. I know, I know…some of are saying “blech!” Hear me out. This stuff can rock your world!

Organic apple cider vinegar is chock full of vitamins and minerals but its greatest gift to mankind is in its ability to help alkalize the body’s pH. Our ideal body pH should be around 7.4, which is slightly alkaline. This keeps us healthy and energetic. Most Americans eat a very acidic diet, which lowers our body pH to a more acidic level. The more acidic you are the less energy you will have and you will be more susceptible to sickness and disease. For those of you that have NO IDEA what I’m talking about, here is a great link with a bit more information. Don’t worry; there are lots of pictures so it’s a quick read!

This article has some excellent info for ultimately changing your pH levels thru dietary changes but ….in the meantime….here’s a great way to cheat! Try taking 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 1 liter of water and sipping it throughout your day. It works quickly and people get all kinds of results ranging from better energy, better sleep, better digestion, and weight loss, to pain relief and lowered blood pressure.  The list just goes on and on! Is apple cider vinegar a panacea? No. It just helps your body come into balance and a balanced body is a self-healing mechanism. I have recommended this to my clients over the years and have seen amazing results! I’ve even seen it heal stubborn acne! If you must, you can disguise the taste with a spoonful of honey or put the apple cider vinegar in apple juice. Some people will use a pinch of baking soda with a cup of warm water and the vinegar. However you can manage, just get it inside of you for a few days and see how you feel. FYI – never, ever take it straight! Always dilute it in water or juice.

Okay, back to the energy crisis. Here are a few more suggestions to perk up that poor little, over-stressed and under-cherished body of yours.

  1. Eat real food before you go to a party. Protein, veggies and good fats are serious building blocks for energy! Eating before you go to a party will help you make wiser choices in what you choose to stuff into your mouth. It’s kind of like eating before you go shopping for groceries. It will keep you away from the junk food.
  2. Choose living food.  Living food already has energy! That energy will transfer to you! Trust me, you can feel it when you are paying attention.  So, how does that translate? Eat lots of  raw veggies and hummus vs. potato chips and dip, fruit and cheese vs. yogurt covered pretzels and party mix, and almonds and dark chocolate vs. cookies and cakes
  3. Stay hydrated with REAL water.  I probably say this several times a day and I write it a lot as well. But, it can’t be overemphasized! Dehydration zaps your energy, gives you headaches, makes you sick and makes you hurt! Drink up, baby!
  4. Support your adrenals and give yourself an energy boost with Ginseng.* Ginseng is a herb that has adaptogenic properties: meaning that it helps balance the body in times of stress or illness.  That is a very short description of an amazing herb.  People are always taking supplements to increase their energy but a lot of them deplete the adrenals which will ultimately steal even more of your precious life energy! Ginseng actually strengthens them along with other body systems. If you decide to try this herb I highly suggest that you do a little homework on which type of Ginseng that you feel will best suit you, there are several kinds. I use Siberian Ginseng with great success periodically, but I will only use one particular brand.  Some other Ginseng’s are better for men.
*If you are on medication for anything, please check with your doctor before taking ANY herbal supplement. Please understand that I am not a doctor. This information is for education purposes only! My passion is to help people learn how to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. I am merely a researcher and a cheerleader. GO TEAM!!!
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