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Anne Elwood, President
E1 Transformations, Inc.

Renee Seals was instrumental in helping me regain my health and vitality and realize how joyful life can truly be.  I had sunk to the depths of deep seated depression.  Renee helped me naturally get back to the person I once was.  She also helped me quit a long time habit of diet sodas which contributed to my depression and overall bad health.  She guided me with suggestions of new foods and natural remedies I could
use to get rid of the depression once and for all.

She is a delight to work with; she coaches she teaches and she really knows her stuff!  She is a dynamo and truly wants her clients to succeed.  The resources she sent to me were right on track.  I was amazed at the many ways she helped me succeed.  She has a passion for what she does.  I would recommend her to anyone suffering chronic pain of any kind.  You cannot miss with her help.

I have been receiving coaching sessions with Renee for
approximately a year now.  I need a health coach for various
issues that come up from time to time.  I am very focused and
committed to my health and fitness but sometimes I will get
off track and cannot identify a certain "ailment" or change up
in my body that is causing me distress and that is when I go
see Renee.

She always has the ability to help me look beyond the so
called "ailment" and helps me to look inside myself for the
answers.  It may be the way I am eating, the negative
thoughts that are running through my head or it may be that
I am burning the candle at both ends and do not realize it.
Renee has introduced me to her holistic approach to health
and wellness coaching and I have never felt this balanced
and energized!  I guess you can call her my on-call health-
care coach!

Karen Kreiger
IBM Americas

My first appointment with Renee  was one of the most beneficial days of my life.  Upon completion of the massage, I was indeed feeling better.  I returned home and engaged in her follow-up instructions.  The next day I was able to stand straight and noticed the added benefit of my shoulders being relieved of stressRenee had loosened body muscles that had been so tightly wound that they had twisted.  That's why the prescribed muscle relaxers had only helped temporarily and why I had experienced episodes of having to be on bed rest when the pain became so severe.

I had a couple of follow-up visits and all I can say is "God bless this woman"!  It's been over a year now and I can truly testify that I have not experienced back pain Renee's massages are not for the faint of heartShe gives a deep therapeutic neuromuscular massage in which you can feel your body making its
healing transformation.

Sharon E. Hemphill

Renee started her session with me by asking what I would like to improve about my health or my life.  I told her I would like to shift my eating habits, to include more vegetables every day.  At that time, I was eating roughly one serving of green vegetables each day, and not even that much every day.  She asked me to identify one thing that I could start right away that would be able to change to start the shift toward my goal.  I said I didn't know.  She made some suggestions.  Salad?  No, I don't like salad - usually just eat the meat and croutons out of it.  Vegetable soup for lunch?  Yes, I could make a big pot of veggie soup on Sunday and eat it for several days.  She asked me to call her and let her know when it was done, which I did that Sunday.

My whole family enjoyed the soup that week.  I didn't feel guilt about doing this, and it wasn't a struggle for my self motivation to achieve this.  The same week, I went to Sam's Club and watched a demonstration of the Vita Max raw food processor, where they made soup from all vegetables and it was delicious.  I started thinking about doing more things raw, and even went so far as to add some extra green vegetables in my broccoli stir fry that I did for the family 2-3 nights a week.

Over the past few months, I have shifted even more on this topic.  I often have very little meat on my plate at night, no starch or bread, and lots of vegetables.  My husband and I have begun to enjoy big salads with 6-8 veggies in them, all raw, with no meat OR croutons!  I find if I skip a day of vegetables, I am craving them immediately.

The benefit of this coaching session for me is that it is not based on guilt.  It IS based on accountability and commitment to the goal, in whatever small steps that one can feel good about.  Knowing that I have only committed to what I am comfortable with and that makes achieving the first step easy to do.  And that starts the mindset shift to see that the goal can be met.  I didn't really focus on my goal any further after that first session.  I feel sure I would have benefited from future sessions.  Regardless the shift was occurring and taking the first step put me into motion.  Thank you Renee!
Stephanie Dean

Contact Information: Renee Seals ~ Body Renewal Basics ~ Phone: 404-250-0822 ~ email: renee@bodyrenewalbasics.com

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