Improving your health without drugs? Yes, you can.


My mother taught me "When you want something done right, do it yourself."  We go to doctors and other healers expecting them to "fix" us.  We take pills to address our symptoms and never take full responsibility for the health of our body.  When your body is sick or hurting, instead of popping a pill, have you every wondered what you could do to make if feel better?  What is it asking from you?

  • What is it asking you to
  • Do you need to get more sleep?
  • Are you stressed out?
  • What nurtures you? 
  • Are you getting enough pure, clean water?  How about fresh veggies?
  • Are you getting enough exercise to calm and strengthen your body?
  • What supplements might help you heal?

The essence of good health is not only the absence of disease but it is emotional balance, joy, energy and ability to do the things you need to do and also the things you want to do.  Wow!  Maybe even have a little energy left at the end of the day.

In order to have these things you must exercise thoughtfulness in your choices of what you do and what you eat.  This includes your body care products, your water quality, etc.  All these things are co-factors to vibrant health and well-being.  The Body Renewal Program teaches you the fundamentals of good health.  Some of the things you will learn and apply to your everyday life are:

  • How to address your symptoms from a natural perspective
  • Awesome food substitutions and where to find them
  • How to create amazing energy
  • How to get a good nights sleep without medication
  • How to naturally unlock pain patterns
  • How Negative Thoughts and Attitudes affect your health
  • How to address and resolve food addictions
  • How to read food labels and what substances to limit or avoid
  • How to make healthy fast food for busy days
  • What foods keep you young and what foods age you
  • How to Detox your body for Pain Relief and Vibrant Health


Our bodies were created to be self healing mechanisms.  We are programmed to heal.  As you learn to feed your body what it's asking for and avoid toxins and chemicals that undermine it's ability to function normally, you will experience a renewed energy and a sense of well-being that you haven't felt in years!  You will truly be "the master of your ship!"


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