Near Infrared Sauna ~

If you are looking for a way to fast track your success in resolving your pain, detoxing your body or resolving a chronic health here is the place to start!  I researched all types of saunas for a few years before I finally bought one.  It was a difficult choice, given the amount of information that’s available on the internet but the Near Infrared Sauna had more medical and scientific documentation for it’s healing benefits.


My goals in choosing a sauna were varied.  I wanted to have it available for my clients for pain relief and deep relaxation, but I had a few things in mind for myself.  I was most interested in tissue healing and detoxification so I was delighted to find plenty of references by physicians and NASA on those very things.  Here is a list of a few of the things you can expect with regular sessions.





- Pain Relief

-  Lowers Inflammation

-  Detox Heavy Metals and other toxic substances

-  Stimulates Collagen formation for tissue healing

-  Lowers Blood Pressure

-  Stimulates the release of HGH (Growth Hormone)

-  Kills Viruses and other pathogens including Candida


Okay so what does all that mean?  It’s the closest thing I have found to the “Fountain of Youth” in a box!  It has a REGENERATION effect on your  ENTIRE  body!!  Your liver, your adrenals, your immune system, your muscles and your cardiovascular system!  And….you don’t have to take any pills to achieve the desired effect!!!  The Near Infrared light penetrates your body down to the cellular level stimulating growth and regeneration.  The heat causes your core  body temperature to raise 2 to 3 degrees and it begins to kill off internal bugs and systemic yeasts that are out of control (Candida).  Heat is also used in treating cancer, by the way.  The heat is what stimulates HGH production which is one of the things that begins to deplete as we age.  HGH is truly the fountain of youth but using shots and supplements can be a risky endeavor.  The two best ways to stimulate HGH production are Saunas (especially Near Infrared) and Intense exercise.

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